Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Blog. . . blog. . . yes, I think I've heard the name before. . .

The weather has been so utterly fantastic for the past couple of weeks that I've not really been inside long enough to blog. So, here's me saying "sorry" to all (three) of my readers -- I have not forgotten you!

Have read the new Harry Potter, and I might write something, and I might not. So many others on the web have already written brilliantly about it that I'm not sure I would add anything other than, "yeah, me too!"

Finally, I'm working on a series of forthcoming posts that deal with teaching literature in grade school (and how reading literature in school "ruins" The Classics for most kids), why boys (in general) don't like to read, and how I can avoid at all costs being the "cool" English teacher that spouts lame Carpe Diem, discussing-our-problems-in-a-giant-circle-is-better-than-taking-tests crap that seems to infect a lot of my high school English teacher brethren.

Also, I'm thinking of a way to defend the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie (which I've seen twice and love) that doesn't involve an argument based mainly on my undying love for all things Johnny Depp.


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